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Law on the Bulgarian National Bank. Law on Banks. Law on Bank Deposit Guaranty


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...oreign exchange, here belongs Art. 2 LCI, as well as transactions in financial instruments ... Opening a bank account in Bulgaria in the name of a ... ... . There are different types of banking transactions that can be classified with reference to the following ... management, bank supervision, bank resolution and termination of banks' operations. Meaning of terms Article 2 Bank means a joint-stock company headquartered in the Republic of Serbia and licensed by the National Bank of Serbia, which performs deposit and lending activities and which may perform other activities in accordance with law. Law on Banks 3 Article 4. (1) The central bank shall supervise banks, bank groups and fi ... Laws and Circulars | Laws ... . Law on Banks 3 Article 4. (1) The central bank shall supervise banks, bank groups and financial holding companies on a consolidated basis in accordance with this Law and by-laws issued to regulate its enactment. (2) Bank group shall be a bank whose subsidiaries as per Article 277 of the Law The Bulgarian National Bank (Bulgarian: Българска народна банка, romanized: Balgarska narodna banka, IPA: [ˈbɤɫɡɐrskɐ nɐˈrɔdnɐ ˈbaŋkɐ]) is the central bank of the Republic of Bulgaria with its headquarters in Sofia.The BNB was established on 25 January 1879. It is an independent institution responsible for issuing all banknotes and coins in the country ... The market share of domestic banks in total bank assets remained unchanged (21.9 per cent at the end of June 2018). The shares of EU bank subsidiaries declined (71.9 per cent at the end of the quarter). Non-EU bank branches retained their share unchanged at 0.1 per cent. Market shares of two bank groups posted an increase: EU bank The Reserve Bank supervises banks and regulates non-bank deposit-takers to promote a stable financial system. In effect, it seeks to achieve a low probability of institutional failure. Bulgarian National Bank adopts new regulations for bank internal exposures Bulgaria 20.08.2018 In late July 2018, the Bulgarian National Bank (" BNB" ) adopted an ordinance on the internal exposures of credit institutions (" Ordinance" ), providing guidance and regulation in three main areas: § 2. This law shall repeal the Law for the measures against money laundering (SG 48/96). § 3. (amend. SG 31/03) In three months term after the law enters into force the persons of art. 3, para 2 and 3 shall be obliged to submit to the Agency for financial intelligence the available information about money laundering. § 4. Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund (BDIF) is a legal entity, established under the adopted in 1998 Law on Bank Deposit Guaranty. The Fund protects depositors' funds in banks up to BGN 196,000, as well as creditors' interests in bank bankruptcy proceedings, thus promoting stability of and confidence in the banking system. Bulgaria's government has drafted a law that would give the country's central bank the responsibility for managing the national bank resolution fund. Under the proposed law, the Bulgarian National Bank, or BNB, will take over the management of the resolution fund from Bulgaria's deposit insurance fund. Bulgaria's Parliament has voted through the changes to the law on guaranteeing bank deposits. Currently the national deposit fund has to pay all deposits of up to BGN 100 000 back to the client ... All Laws listed below are extracted from Banking Code 2011. All translations in this book are unofficial. Law on the Organization and Conduct of the National...