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The monasteries in Bulgaria - Vladimir Pomakov

ISBN: 9789545001932
АВТОР: Vladimir Pomakov

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CONTENTS Introduction. Rila Monastery Nativity of Virgin Mary Bachkovo Monastery The Assumption. Troyan Monastery The Assumption. Glozhene Monastery St Georgi the Victor Zemen Monastery St loan the Theologian Etropole Monastery The Holy Trinity. Preobrazhenie Monastery Transfiguration of Our Lord Arapovo Monastery St Nedelya Chiprovtsi Monastery St loan Rilsky Rozhen Monastery Nativity of the Saint Mother of God Osenovlak Monastery Nativity of Virgin Mary Aladzha Monastery Cherepish Monastery The Assumption Ivanovo Rock Monastery St Archangel Michael Kapinovo Monastery St Nikola Thaumaturge. Kilifarevo Monastery Nativity of Virgin Mary. Kouklen Monastery St Anargyroi (Silverless) Cosma and Damian Kremikovtsi Monastery St Georgi the Victor. Dragalevtsi Monastery The Assumption. Sokolski Monastery The Assumption Razboishte Rock Monastery Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Albotin Rock Monastery The Resurrection of Christ. Batoshevo Monastery The Assumption. Bassarbovo Rock Monastery St Dimitar of Bassarbovo Shipka Monastery Christmas. Chirpan Monastery St Athanasius the Great. Monastery at Krastova Gora The Holy Trinity.

...ex which played an important role in the spiritual and social life of medieval Bulgaria ... Bulgarian Monasteries. Monasteries in Bulgaria, Religion ... ... . Rozhen Monastery: Located 35 km from the town of Sandanski, southwest Bulgaria, is one of the few mediaeval monasteries in Bulgaria to have survived relatively intact to the present day. According to documents kept at Mount Athos in Greece, the monastery dates back at least to 890 - for comparison, Bulgaria's biggest monastery, the Rila ... The real charm of the Bulgarian monasteries is in their great history and the majes ... Rila Monastery - Wikipedia ... ... The real charm of the Bulgarian monasteries is in their great history and the majestic mountains that protect them from the plainness of the mundane. The Rila monastery When it comes to Bulgarian monasteries, the top destination is "The Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila", (also known as "The Rila Monastery"). The Rila Monastery is the biggest monastery in Bulgaria, founded in the 10th century by the monk and hermit St. John of Rila, patron and protector of Bulgaria. The monastery served as the center of cultural and spiritual life of the Bulgarian people, during the centuries of foreign enslavement. Monasteries. The Bulgarian monasteries - hiding human, warm and living rather than "divine" beauty behind their austere stone facades, still amaze with their magnificent architecture, unfading frescoes and murals, exquisite icons and wood-carvings, made by self-taught architects, builders and painters....