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Atlas of Bulgarian Endemic Plants - Collective

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...вете сега бързо и удобно онлайн ... 【Atlas of Bulgarian Endemic Plants】 Гея-Либрис • Цена ... ... . The Bulgarian flora includes 270 endemic Balkan species belonging to 116 genera and 35 families. The highest number of the Balkan endemics are recorded in the Rhodopi Mts floristic region (146 ... Morphological variability of the Bulgarian endemic Betonica bulgarica Degen et Neič. (Lamiaceae) from Sinite Kamani Natural Park, Eastern Balkan Range ... Velchev, V., (ed.) 1992: Atlas of Endemic Plants in Bu ... Atlas of Bulgarian Endemic Plants - Онлайн Книжарница Рамита ... ... Velchev, V., (ed.) 1992: Atlas of Endemic Plants in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia. Yankov, P., (ed.) 2001: National Park Central Balkan. Management plan 2001-2010. Retrieved ... abbreviated in Annex I according to the Atlas Florae Euro paaee (Kurtto & al. 2007). The national conserva-tion status is assigned according to the Red List of Bul-garian vascular plants (Petrova & Vladimirov 2009). Results Bulgarian flora comprises 270 endemic Balkan species (Annex I). They belong to 35 families and 116 gene-ra. biology of reproduction, and ecology of the species, as well as on the status of its population. Key words: Balkan flora, Centaurea, Centaureinae, Colymbada, endemic species, threatened plants 14 • Phytol. Balcan. 12(2) • 2006 Introduction Subtribe Centaureinae is one of the richest in spe-cies in the tribe Cardueae (Asteraceae). The The Balkan endemic plants includes a number of unique taxa and (species, subspecies, variety and forms) that are widespread in a variety of sizes area and, including stenoendemics.. The following list of endemic plants on the Balkans includes all known taxa in this category, from Greek (including Pindus mountain system), Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina ... A total of 12,360 species have been found in the composition of the contemporary vegetation, of which - 3,700 higher plants. The Bulgarian endemic plants - which are to be found nowhere else worldwide, with a number of more than 250: Rila primrose, Balkan violet, Bulgarian blackberry, Rhodopean tulip, etc. Forests abound with wild fruits ... "Atlas of Bulgarian Endemic Plants" comprises 164 Bulgarian and Balkan endemic taxa (140 species and 24 subspecies) belonging to 34 families, most with limited distribution and conservation status. It is based on the first edition published in Bulgarian in 1992. List of species, included in the website. THE BULGARIAN FLORA ONLINE Species list! - protected species * - Bulgarian endemic Estimates suggest that when one endemic plant species goes extinct, between 10 and 30 additional animal species become extinct. Therefore, the conservation of endemic species, in particular, is important. Biodiversity is the foundation of healthy global ecosystems, in turn, healthy ecosystems sustain life, including human life. About the Atlas. The Alabama Plant Atlas is a joint effort by the Alabama Herbarium Consortium (AHC) and The University of West Alabama to provide users with a comprehensive searchable database of plants that occur in the sta...